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      We are here to help, not judge. All our services are free of charge,but we do except donations.  We do investigate homes, businesses,rental properties,and more. If you think that your home/business has an apparition/ghost/spirit of any kind then we are the ones to call for help. We will be glad to investigate and let you know what we found. If you are thinking about renting/buying a house, will be glad to check it out for you. If you rent homes to the public, we will be glad to investigate it for you. It is 100% confidential, and 100% free of charge. We us the scientific approach and try to debunk situations. We use a lot of different equipment and technology to render a decision. We are professional down to earth everyday people looking for answers and trying to help others at the same time. Feel free to call/text us 24 hours day or night and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to helping you in any way that we can, if it is only to answer your questions.
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