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BJ Pendleton: Founder/Owner

      Nurse/Paramedic: I have been involved in the paranormal my entire life. I have been investigating for over 20 years, and have enjoyed every day of it.

Shawn Garner: Lead Investigator/Technician

      Contractor/Vet Tech: I enjoy the paranormal, being an investigator is my way of exploring new territory and trying to find answers to the afterlife. 

Morgan Garner: Lead Investigator

      Banker: I have had several experiences with the paranormal. I want to find answers to some of the things I have experienced.  

Cheyenne Garner: Investigator

      Dietitian: I had my first bout with the paranormal at age 14 and have been curious ever since.

Tracy Fletcher: Researcher/ Investigator

      I have always been interested in the paranormal, but never had an experience until I started investigating.

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